Workforce agency
Your one-stop source for IT Talents

Take advantage of our professional IT recruitment specialist service. We’ll help you find the best experts from the IT and Tech industries.

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IT Workforce agency.

Your IT Talents one stop source.

Your IT Talents one-stop source.

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What is Workforce agency?

Workforce agency is a service of recruiting highly qualified IT specialists and experts in other fields (sales, marketing) that you need to start and develop programming projects. We’ll organize the entire recruitment process for you and select a candidate based on your requirements and the specificity of your company.

What do you get?

We provide professional support in finding the right candidate for your project. If you need help in further steps (e.g. employment or onboarding) check out our other services.

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How do we act?

Candidates research

We review candidates in our internal databases, as well as on popular social networks and recruitment platforms.

Initial verification

In this phase, we focus on examining the candidate's soft competencies in the context of matching them to the project, as assess, among other things, the candidate's temperament or personality.

Candidate recommendation

We usually propose the first candidates within seven days. The entire recruitment process normally takes approximately two to three weeks.

Interview with the candidate

After you approve our candidates, an interview will usually takes place, during which you'll have the opportunity to verify the skills of the potential employee and assess their suitability for the team.

Employment decision

After selecting the candidate, we help you finalize all formalities with your future employee.

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What makes us stand out?

Many years of experience

To date, we've recruited dozens of specialists for software houses, technology companies, start-ups from the IT industry, and banks.

Focus on matching the candidate

In the recruitment process, we attach great importance to matching the candidate with the team to ensure comfort of work and team efficiency.

The human face of recruiting

We know that the art of recruitment consists primarily of selecting the right candidate for long and effective cooperation with the possibility of development and fulfillment.

When should you use our services?

When you lack resources and appropriate competences to lead the process

When you don't want to incur significant financial and time costs related to recruitment,

When you need professional support from psychologists to match the right candidate to the team.

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