The human sideof technology

Get to know us better and find out what guides us in business.

The human sideof technology

Get to know us better and find out what guides us in business.

Behind every success, there are people

We never operate alone in business.

At every stage, there are people and companies who help us grow in order to achieve our business goals. We use experience, we are inspired by ideas, and we share our experience in order to develop and constantly improve our products. Therefore, we look for a partner who values an honest approach and work focused on one goal, because this is what lets us achieve success. INCAT is such a partner.

At work, we focus on gaining a full understanding of our clients’ business and needs.

Based on that, we propose and implement advanced solutions tailored to the specifics of a given organisation. We help our clients grow by providing them with comprehensive, innovative, and safe products, as well as a team of experienced specialists.

With support in mind

By creating our products and services,

we wanted to facilitate and streamline the work of programmers, business analysts, and banking system architects so as to enable them to provide modern banking services to millions of customers.

We also support business through IT outsourcing.

We cooperate in three models: Body Leasing, Team Sharing, and using the most advanced CoLab formula. We know that success not only depends on technology and modern solutions, which is why we provide our clients with the opportunity to hire experienced specialists who use their knowledge to help them quickly complete any project.

Technology has a human face

The fintech industry is not just about technology and lines of code.

It is the experience of individual customers, the target recipients of a given product or service. During the implementation of each project, we don’t just think about the best solution to propose but also about how convenient it will be to use, because banking services must provide not only safety they must also offer an intuitive user experience that will spark positive reactions.

“The Magnificent 7” Learn about the 7 principles that guide us in our business

At INCAT, we focus on the partnership so, in order to better fulfil the needs of our clients, we have created 7 principles that guide us in our work. We were inspired to develop them by people, namely 7 personifications of them, each having unique features and skills that fit into the philosophy of our company.

We have a flexible approach

In business, you need to be as agile as an acrobat. Therefore, in our products, we focus on a modular approach that supports rapid application development and its effective adaptation to a changeable business environment.

We share our knowledge

The fintech industry requires not only extensive technological expertise and experience but also continuous development and the pursuit of perfection. We're visionaries and we are constantly moving forward to give you the best technological solutions.

We are team players

We always play fair because we believe that success is a result of teamwork and achieving goals together. Therefore, we share our skills, experience, and our team of IT specialists with you.

We rise to the heights of our abilities

Just like the mind of a dreamer, technology has no limits. It is constantly evolving, improving, and changing, and we are changing along with it. We develop every day to provide you with the best solutions, available here and now.

We focus on innovation and creativity

We're the creators of a new, digital reality on the scale of an innovative tomorrow. We introduce new functionalities and solutions to meet the expectations of your business and the needs of the users of your product.

We adapt to every project

Every business is different. Everyone has different needs, resources, specifics, and goals. We are perfectly aware of this, and that is why we are versatile and, instead of imposing ready-made solutions, we focus on an individual approach and the clear understanding of your business.

Our activities are based on hard data

We like to analyse and interpretour work to provide the best solutions. There is no room for improvisation in this industry. Everything must be robust and consistent, with every detail taken care of.


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