The human side of business organization


The human side of business organization


Our business has a human face

in every aspect of our work because we recognise the importance of such values as sustainable development, participation in social dialogue, care for the environment, and cooperation within local communities. We undertake a number of activities to implement the CSR strategy because we want to have an impact on the life of the community that we belong in.

Responsiblein business

We help our partners and clients in the technological revolution

by creating and offering modern tools to support their businesses. We care for transparency and share our knowledge, also taking care of the development of our team. Although our operations are based on technology, there is nothing more important for us than the human being – we build relationships based on partnerships, not business transactions.

Socially responsible

Limiting business travel

Despite the dispersed nature of our team, we have minimized our business travels to video conferencing and online communication.

Energy savings

We use energy-saving devices, such as laptops, monitors, televisions, photocells and automatic lighting sensors.

Reduction of paper consumption

We store a large part of our documents and information in electronic multimedia form, we also limit printing and scanning of documents.

Reducing plastic consumption

We gave up bottled water by implementing water filters and filter jugs.

Educational support


Our employees receive a budget that they can use for training or other forms of professional or personal self-development.

with the Wroclaw University of Technology

We have established cooperation with the Wroclaw University of Technology as part of an innovative project in the field of security
and banking.


We publish articles, materials and expert content in the field of IT, both for our own and external media.

Possibility of
remote work

We have introduced the opportunity to work remotely, which allows employees to spend their saved
time on developing their competencies and professional interests.

Charity work

Business Run

We took part in a charity race, where the resulting income was allocated to beneficiaries with physical disabilities.

for hospice

We support the Wroclaw Hospice for Children Foundation by collecting plastic caps.

Collection for a local animal shelter

We took part in a collection for a local shelter for homeless animals in Wroclaw.


We regularly collect funds for Maciek’s school layette from the orphanage M. Konopnicka in Szklarska Poreba.

Csr plans

Cooperation with a local non-governmental organization

We plan to support technological education among young people thanks to cooperation with one of the Wrocław foundations.

Adapting our website to
people with disabilities

We want to adapt our website to WCAG guidelines so that users can use it without any restrictions.

Promoting pro-ecological activities among our employees

We will place special badges in the office space to remind about saving water and electricity at all light switches and taps with running water.

Participation in the szlachetna paczka initiative

We will support the Szlachetna Paczka campaign with a donation.