INCAT Sp. z o. o. implements the project “Managed Services Console – an operator platform for management, supervision and implementation of service services in the fintech industry” as part of the European Funds for a Modern Economy. Measure: SMART Path. 


  1. Description and goals of the project

The project assumes the implementation of two modules: R&D and internationalization, in order to develop and implement a new product and internationalize the company’s existing product.

As part of the established research module, INCAT Sp. z o. o. plans to develop and implement an innovative INCAT Managed Services Console (IMSC) operator platform, used for management, supervision and implementation of maintenance services in the financial industry, with particular emphasis on the protection of confidential data.

As part of the research work, a research environment will be developed for processing data sets and changing the method of assigning permissions. As a result, it will be possible to solve access problems in granting and withdrawing privileges, while securing data and behavioral analysis of users using machine learning.

In turn, as part of the internationalization module of INCAT Sp. z o. o. plans to internationalize the company’s current product – a modern BOS account and financial transaction management system.

  1. Target group

The main recipients of the solution will be domestic and European financial institutions operating in a regulated environment: fintechs, i.e. companies providing technological solutions supporting financial services.

  1. Value of EU co-funding for the project:

9,282,109.34 PLN